Earth Friendly Packs

15 Pounds of Organic Potatoes

This pack has a reusable burlap bag to protect the tender potatoes nested in a wooden flat bottom basket with decorative bands. Chef-suggested recipe flyer included in the basket. Below you will find a list of eligible produce for your pack. Place your order now to reserve this unique item! Cost is only $27.50 per pack.

Please choose the potato for your pack (your choice of one of these varieties per pack while supplies last): Russian Banana Fingerlings, Swedish Peanut Fingerlings, Rose Finn Apple Fingerlings or the Peter Wilcox.

Pack has a quality basket from the Texas Basket Company.  Great basket to have for picking fruits and vegetables, for storage or even for decoration. Burlap bag is environmentally friendly and reusable to hold a number of items. This natural material allows airflow and absorbs moisture.

Earth Friendly Pack


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2 Responses to Earth Friendly Packs

  1. Great marketing concept and— couldn’t help but notice– the big, green diagonal message at the bottom.
    Congratulations on your USDA Organic Certification from Pennsylvania Certified Organic!!!
    Hope to get our plans together so we can follow suit. Best of wishes!

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