Confit Potato

This recipe has turned out to be one of our favorites. It was one of the recipes demonstrated by Chef Butch and Chef Colin at the “Chef At The Market” event at the Potter County Farmers Market last August. The ingredients:

  • 4 cups olive oil
  • A few hunks of butter
  • 1 bulb garlic (or shallot), peeled and crushed
  • 1 pound fingerling potato

We have used Russian Banana fingerling potatoes,  1″ sliced in a large oven safe container.

beet soup 062Pour oil, butter and crushed garlic and/or shallot mixture into container to cover potatoes.

beet soup 064Cover the prepared container with a sheet of wax paper and a flat cookie sheet. Other covers that could be used include oven-safe plastic film or aluminum foil.  Bake in oven at low temperature 225 degrees for 3 1/2 hours or more. CAREFULLY remove container from oven, remove the cover.

beet soup 066Remove the potatoes to be served from the pan and the oil. Potatoes can also be stored in the oil as it acts as a preservative and can be kept for months. Save the cooking oil in refrigerator to reuse for the next batch. Chef Butch says… “When making these potatoes, one can use garlic, leeks, sea salt, and a butter and oil for the mix.  And, one can also add some Parmesan cheese to the mix.”

beet soup 070

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