First Arrival Comes

beet soup 084A seed order arrived today! First of several, but being the first makes it special. In December, children look for presents under tree. But starting in January, it’s the grown-ups who are looking for packages in the mailbox saying; “What is it — What is it? Our Bachelor’s Button seeds are here!”

We are always experimenting with new ideas. Like well, let’s mix this beautiful wildflower with crimson clover and buckwheat for a perfect natural area cover crop. Don’t you think that those buzzing little pollinators will have a field day when that area blooms. We hope that they have a great time in our iridescent arrangement.  Plus, Bachelor’s Buttons are a cutting garden favorite, and they are one of the easiest flowers to dry for everlasting arrangements. And wait there’s more, these edible flowers make salads and desserts beautiful and add color to any plate when used as a garnish. Their flavor is very mild – almost like a non-crunchy cucumber.

Where do we buy are our flower seeds? We like to “buy where confidence grows” and then we grow it organically.

American Meadows
223 Avenue D, Suite 30
Williston, VT 05495 USA


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One Response to First Arrival Comes

  1. Sharon says:

    We are planning to plant some strips for our bees and this looks like a really perfect combination.

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