One Farmer’s Opinion

Me and WooleylotWe read that the Sysco founder John Baugh was quoted as saying, “frozen foods taste better than anything I could grow in my garden.” Without a doubt, this gave us pause for thought.

Here is what we would like to tell the current Sysco CEO, whom ever he or she might be. Sysco is exactly why we don’t eat very often at restaurants. In our opinion, locally-grown food is better than frozen food, and food prepared from scratch by a trained professional is better than “heat, assemble, and serve” meals that are so common at restaurants today. Why pay extra money for pre-cooked, frozen food entrees. Many of Sysco’s products—the meat, the vegetables, the fruits—are not that different than what you’ll find at the local supermarket.

Some questions to ask the food server at your next fine restaurant experience — Do you offer any locally grown items on your menu? Where do the food items on your menu originate? How does the chef (or cook) prepare the entrees? Chances are the answers will be — No, we don’t have any local food on our menu. And, we order our menu items from Sysco’s 400,000-plus item catalog. Our chefs have been trained to properly defrost and heat the frozen entrees.

Our reply to Sysco — “Well, maybe we should rename restaurant chefs or cooks and start calling them Sysco defrosters.”


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4 Responses to One Farmer’s Opinion

  1. Chris Howard says:

    How can a moron like him become the head of a company! Vitamins and nutrients begin to degrade soon after harvested. Handling ,cooking, freezing , packaging and transportation all delay and degrade the quality of the food.

  2. Sharon says:

    Only the head of a corporation that freezes food could say its better than fresh. Amazing.

  3. Netra says:

    If that is how you make your “million” then you have to stand by the way you do things. But when you are sharing the truth about healthy, great tasting food, you can not agree with this food service CEO. That is the whole story in a nut shell.

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