Music to Farmers Ears

For sustainable farmers, what’s music to their ears? Hint: it’s not a new thing, but a rediscovery of something old.

Old cherry springs

Answer: Farm to table is showing up everywhere. The farm-to-table trend has grown over the past few years. Nowadays, it’s not unheard of for restaurants to have partnerships with local farms.  And to think that just a century ago, all food was farm to table. The food then was fresh, local, and literally farm to table. And now there is a culinary rediscovery of the inherit goodness of local foods. We’re coming full circle. And this definitely is music to ours ears.

Shown above is the Cherry Springs Hotel, the tavern built by Jonathan Edgcomb in 1818 in Cherry Springs, Potter County, Pennsylvania. It was Potter County’s original farm to table establishment.


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One Response to Music to Farmers Ears

  1. Now if we can interest our local restaurants in more “Farm To Table”!

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