Pine Cone Potato

We just recently discovered something interesting about the “Rose Finn Apple” fingerling potato that we grow on the farm. Namely that we have had the name wrong, as do so many others. The correct name is “Rose Fir Apple” or even more correctly “Rosa Tannenzapfen”. This medium sized, fingerling tuber has with pink skin and light yellow flesh. As the original name is German – Rosa is the color Pink, Tannenzapfen  (in Southern German dialect Tannenapfel) which means Fir Cone or Pine Cone. And due to very sloppy translation, it became mistakenly known as Rose Finn Apple.  As always, we like to keep our readers up-to-date on these important findings.

Rose Finn AppleDoes this potato look like a pine cone? We see it. The Rose Finn Apple has a pattern of dimpled eyes, that kind of resemble the individual plates of a cone known as scales. One thing that we know for sure is that it doesn’t taste like a pine cone. The Rose Fir Apple is considered one of very best tasting potatoes in the world.  And, there is no mistake about that fact.

Pitch Pine cone

Want to learn more about the many Heirloom potato varieties? Well then visit The Kenosha Potato Collection Catalog and scroll thought the listing to see them and find your favorites.


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