Shallot Surprise

Our first scouting trip to the crop field earlier this spring to check the shallots wasn’t very encouraging. After the cold winter, we noticed that many of the fall-planted shallot sets had heaved up and were partly exposed above the soil. We thought for sure that this would have caused them to fail.  Much to our surprise today, we see that the shallots have started to green-up nicely.

beet soup 240 crop

Shallots have been something that we like to grow, but have had varying degree of success. We have spent a few years now experimenting with them to find the right variety of cold-tolerant shallot to grow in our cold-climate and also to figure out how deep to plant them. In the past years, thinking that shallots are not as cold-tolerant as garlic, we have planted them deeper in the soil to give some protection in the winter and the hash elements. However, the problem was that because the shallots were so deeply planted, they didn’t produce nice large bulbs, but instead a lot of smaller bulbs. Seems that shallots, like onions do best when planted near the soil surface. So, this year we might have finally found the combination. Let’s hope for the best.




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