Little Ark of Taste

Did you ever wonder why all bananas in the grocery store are yellow? Where are the red bananas? Hint: It didn’t happen that way naturally.

Ask us, and we’ll tell you that our farm is a Little Ark of Taste representing some of Potter County’s best local foods. On our little Ark of Taste, we are dedicated to the cultivation of delicious and distinctive foods.  We grow them, eat them and promote them right here in Potter County, Pennsylvania. Where else but the local farmers market can you find  items such as local heirloom garlic and heritage varieties of potatoes and onions. Read through our farm’s local food guide to find some of these items — like the rare and almost extinct winter onion, the rare potato onion and the reestablishment of our farm’s original garlic.

For us, it’s about heirloom and heritage varieties because “these foods naturally taste great”. Taste some and see if you agree.  Visit the Potter County Farmers Market and you’ll see a flotilla of Little Arks of Taste as each individual farm has something special to offer. And by the way, if we could, we’d grow red bananas.



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