Yes, Two Bags Full

So you don’t like the strong flavor of garlic, but still want that intrinsic essence in your cooking  — then shallots are the choice. Shallots are members of the same onion family as garlic but a less spicy seasoning with a sweeter aroma.

The shallot is particularly popular in French dishes. And to whom do we thank for bringing these the little darlings of French chefs to our local tables. Shallots are thought to have originated in Ascalon, Palestine. And, history tells us that Hernando de Soto first brought shallots to the United States during his Louisiana explorations. So with that did you know that these Mediterranean natives are now locally grown, and hope to find popularity in your home-cooked dishes too?

So, one might ask, “Shall it be a good shallot season?” And we would reply: “Oui, Oui! Deux sacs plein.”

Two Bags Full

Two Bags Full

Use shallots the same garlic:

  • Dice is nice. Chop shallots more finely then an onion.
  • Less is more. One or two shallots finely minced are usually all that is needed to add a subtle, slightly sweet flavor to recipes.
  • Go On low. Cook the shallots in butter or oil on a low temperature. Just like garlic, shallots over cook easily.
  • Pair them well. Shallots are tasty when cooked in recipes with white wine, cream and butter.

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