Locally Grown Foods

Our agenda is quality. And, we like it when our specialty items find their way to a local plate whether it be on a home or restaurant table. It makes the difference between mediocre and excellent. Why does locally-grown food taste so much different? Mass produced food is shipped thousands of miles across countries and across oceans before it gets to the table. We’re growing food on fields near to the restaurants and the towns here in Potter County, Pennsylvania. It’s fresh, high quality food and it translates to a much better product on a plate. So, have that eureka moment, and search out a restaurant that buys produce from local farms.

Bees and trees 103Today, we picked and packed a box of quality food for farm delivery to The Hotel Crittenden, Coudersport, Pennsylvania. And, what was in that box of wholesome goodness? Ohman red garlic, Red Thumb potatoes and shallots were the featured items this day.


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