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TPS In The Mail

TPS In The Mail

And thanks to the Kenosha Potato Project, tracking results and sharing information is a whole lot easier. Each member is encouraged to not only  share and grow the True Potato Seeds (TPS), but most importantly the results of their TPS grow outs at the various geographical locations, growing conditions and growing methods. Working though this collective with shared information, the group is sure to gain much more knowledge and “know-how” about sustainable potato horticulture.

TPS Sent and Received

TPS Sent and Received

Example in point, shown here are some of the Russian Banana TPS that ordinated here in Potter County, Pennsylvania. These seeds were sent via the Kenosha Potato Project to a group member near Cincinnati, Ohio.  So, as we grow out TPS, here on our farm in North Central Pennsylvania, we can share results with the Ohio grower. This shared information will benefit the entire group, as we are able to learn more about the TPS  than only working as an individual farm.


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