Green Spring Garlic

035We started the green spring garlic harvest. We have about 3 bushel to harvest, this first pick is for the farmers market today. Green spring garlic is harvested this time of year when the growing garlic is at the baby garlic stage (pre-scape). Last July, we harvested the garlic bulbs from our garlic field. Of course, there are always some bulbs that don’t get harvested. And, those bulbs left in ground grew plants shown here, and now it can be harvested as “green spring garlic”.  It looks and tastes like a scallion, or even more like a baby leek, than like garlic. But it has a garlic flavor, that gentle garlic heat at the back of the mouth when eaten raw. Can be cooked in any recipe, that calls for green onions, leeks or scallions, for a mild garlic flavor. Fresh spring garlic doesn’t keep very long, so we harvest it in small amounts to use within a day or two.


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