Making Compost Tea

Mention that you made some compost tea, and “What is compost tea?” is a common question. Well the first thing you should know about it is that people don’t drink it but your plants will love it. So, you might think of it as a health drink of beneficial microorganisms brewed from compost for your garden plants to enjoy. Here is a 3-day brew (aerated with air not heated like real tea). Ingredients are worm castings, raw molasses, water and air. All this results in a wonderful and natural way to fertilizer the garden without dependence on chemicals.

It looks very much like brewed black tea; hence the name. The tea is dark brown tea-like color and odorless. It is not at all unpleasant. We applied the freshly brewed compost tea as a foliar feeding to vegetable plants and as a soil drench.




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