From Field to Drying Rack


Garlic Bulbs in Drying Rack

If somebody tells you, you put too much garlic in your food. Get rid of them you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

Yes indeed, we kicked off the garlic harvest.  This garlic harvest is our farm’s original garlic cultivar. A few years ago, we noticed it growing on a bank, in a small patch of long stemmed garlic plants amongst the weeds. We pulled some of these garlic plants and replanted a few of the very small bulbs and planted the tiny cloves into a prepared garlic bed. And, we’re finally got some decent sized bulbs after a few years of replanting the biggest bulbs. This old strain has an attractive bulb with distinctive purple striping.

Here’s a photo galley of a garlic harvest; as it goes from the field to the dry rack.

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2 Responses to From Field to Drying Rack

  1. Phil says:

    Does the drying rack work well? Would you have any more pictures of its construction?

    • wooleylot says:

      We have good natural ventilation in an open barn with breeze way, so that is all that is needed to dry the garlic (no electrical fans). It works well. We open the barn doors on dry warm days, and close the doors at night and when it’s raining or damp outside. The last picture in the slide presentation shows the set for the rack. It’s lumber yard stickers crisscrossed in a square pattern with the garlic layered in-between the rows of cribbing sticks. There are four concrete blocks at each corner to keep the garlic off the floor.

      This method uses cribbing sticks (like the ones used in a lumber yard between the stacks of boards) to separate the layers of garlic plants in a racking system. No strings and no ladders, ropes or pulleys.

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