It’s A Satisfying Thing

Make your way back to local organic food; it’s the satisfying thing to do.

Cousin Bob's

Have you ever heard of someone, opening up a can of snap beans or a bag of carrots from the produce aisle in the supermarket and being totally satisfied enough to write a note to thank the grower. No probably not; it doesn’t happen that way because the growers of the store-bought items are people completely removed and unknown to the customer and the produce is just so-so.

Being farmers who sell directly to customers, it has certain benefits not available to the larger farms. Incentive comes our way when the customers know the farmer.  And that, customer appreciation invigorates us.

Here’s one such comment that we recently received just this week:

“The garlic arrived today as you said it would. We are delighted with it! Thank you for your excellent customer service and prompt delivery.

I am going to make one of our favorite summer meals this evening — a sauce made with fresh uncooked tomatoes, basil and lots of garlic served with sprouted wheat pasta and some parmesan cheese.”

On another occasion, we were sent a wonderfully hand-made and very artistic thank you card with a note written inside:

Thank You

“Josh and I wanted to thank you again for going out of your way last month to show us your lovely farm and your delicious produce! We loved everything  — the garlic, the potatoes, the squash and the amazing pesto! And we also loved getting the chance to meet you and talk with you about you and your farm. We would be happy to say hello –and buy more garlic garlic! — if our paths cross in the future!” — Rose and Josh, New York, New York

Needless to say, these customer comments made our day. Happy customers are satisfying to us.


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