Organic Bumper Crop

We had an unusually productive Russian Banana fingerling potato harvest. One could say, it’s a bumper crop.  One 300 feet rows gave us 20 x 1/2 bushel bags. Best we can figure, it’s about a 17 times yield.  All we can say is that there’s lots of very nice looking bananas.  Here is our potato storage area. It’s an old fashion under-ground root cellar. In the mid-summer the temperature is about 65 F and in mid-winter it is 35 F, and always humid (damp) and very dark. The potatoes keep very well there.

Potato Storage Area

Potato Storage Area

And, we are a certified organic farm; we use only a natural production system. So, there’s  satisfaction in growing our own food and filling our table with delicious, healthy produce. And, now we know that these organic practices can produce bountiful and successful harvests on our Potter County farmstead.  Native to the mountains of South America, fingerling potatoes seem to like our cooler climate and soil conditions.

High-Yield Russian Banana Row

High-Yield Russian Banana Row

Local customers can tap into this delicious bumper crop too, and get our favorite fingerling variety in quantity. We are offering a 1/2 bushel bag at $30 for pick-up at the farm or $37.50 delivered within our local area. For certified organic fingerling potatoes, that price is a real bargain.  And, we can give extra discounts for larger orders.  So to place an order, please get in touch by telephone at 814-647-8458 or email us at or see us at the Potter County Farmers Market. Potatoes are an excellent storage crop.

Sliced Bananas

Russian Banana Fingerling Potatoes

What is a bumper crop? In agriculture, it’s used to describe an unusually large crop growth and harvest. The word origin comes the from the use of bumper in the 17th century to describe a large glass of beer or wine that was filled to the brim, hence the sense of bumper as a large amount.


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