Grassroots Seed Saving

The Seed Saver Exchange is a gardener-to-gardener seed swap that takes place online and through an annual yearbook. Their mission is to conserve and promote America’s culturally diverse food crop for future generations by collecting, growing, and sharing heirloom seeds and plants.

This year, we have contributed five (5) varieties of  botanical seed harvested from potato berries which were open-pollinated by bumble bees. Why is this important?

Harvested Potato Berries

Harvested Potato Berries

Recently, there has been a monopolistic tread toward a few large commercial seed suppliers instead of the traditional seed-saving by many home gardeners. Open pollination is an important aspect of grassroots seed saving. Plants that reproduce through natural means tend to adapt to local conditions over time, and evolve as reliable performers, particularly in their localities, known as landraces or “folk varieties.”


True Potato Seeds (Russian Banana, Magic Molly and Red Thumb)

These seeds are the local tribute to the Seed Saver Exchange to give a horizontal resistance to the commercial suppliers. Here are the links to the Seed Exchange annual yearbook.

Russian Banana True Potato Seeds

Papa Cacho True Potato Seeds

Purple Sun True Potato Seeds

Red Thumb True Potato Seeds

Magic Molly True Potato Seeds



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