Grafting Solo

What to do on a cool, rainy day in April? Grafting apple scion wood is something that works.  This was my first time grafting after attending a couple of training sessions. It went well.

Tools used were a Barnel grafting knife, nursery grafting tape, aluminum label tree tags and Kevlar gloves. Rootstocks were 1-year bare-root G.222 from Cummins Nursery of Ithaca, New York. Skills used were an abundance of patience with attention to the details. 

The grafting resulted in 19 rootstock bench grafts, including the following varieties. These scion were from Nick Botner’s Orchard near Eugene, Oregon:

Local heritage orchard (early NY/PA/NE): Empire, Spitzenburg, Swaar, Tompkins King, Yellow Belle fleur,  Westfield Seek No Further, Winter Greening and Golden Grimes

Some other favorites: Pendragon, Niedwetzkyana, Famuse, Nutmeg Pippen, Hooples Antique Gold and Hudson’s Golden Gem and more…

The cider wood: Herefordshire Redstreak, Porters Perfection, Yarlington Mill, Giant Russian Crab and Gravesteins scion went to Jim Lord’s Orchard in Coudersport, Pennsylvania .

This video tells the story about the Nick Botner Orchard . Special thanks to Chris Homanics for the scion. We feel lucky to be given these wonderful gifts and we treasure these special varieties.

The grafts went into the root cellar for a few days to heal, and then they will be transferred outside into containers later this month.


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