What’s Cooking at Wooleylot

We have things going on. We have a great looking fall-planted garlic crop inter-planted with winter squash. Plus, a recently planted potato field. In the Potter County soil, we are growing certified organic crops with a solar charge from the warming seasonal sun.

  • Arc of Hardneck Garlics (four kinds of local heirlooms)
  • North Georgia Candy Roaster (Cherokee tribes in the southern Appalachians cherished this squash for its ability to withstand winter frost)
  • Potatoes including the following fingerlings: Russian Banana, Red Thumb, Magic Molly, Rose Finn Apple and Pinto; and plus some King Harry.

And, in an experimental sprit, we have the following crop trials:

  • Glenn Hard Red Spring Wheat
  • Garnet Chile Potatoes (developed in 1853 by the Reverend Chauncy E. Goodrich)
  • White Flint Corn (thrived  in the Americas before Columbus)
  • Seneca Pumpkins (also an 1000 year seed)
  • Mohawk Potato Beans (another an 1000 year seed)
  • Several New Potato Varieties (grown from botanical potato seeds also known as True Potato Seed)
  • Several rootstock apple grafts, including many early heritage like Empire, Spitzenburg, Swaar, Tompkins King, Yellow Belle fleur,  Westfield Seek No Further, Winter Greening, Golden Grimes and Cortland. And some other favorites like Pendragon, Niedwetzkyana, Famuse, Nutmeg Pippen, Hooples Antique Gold, Hudson’s Golden Gem, Sweet Caroline, Pink Pearl and Cornish Gilliflower.

This is a partial list of things, but you get the picture.


Garlic Inter-planted With Winter Squash

Garlic Inter-planted With Winter Squash




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