Rainy Day Review

The fall rains are upon us, and what has been the droughty Freeman Run with a barely flowing trickle of water all summer-long is now about to flood its banks; and so a good time to talk some about rubber boots. We in Potter County, Pennsylvania certainly know about mud. So, here goes one farmer’s opinion.

My Muck Chore boots have all but fallen apart. So, it’s time to break in some new rain boots. Now about Muck, in my opinion; those boots <insert a word the rhythms with muck here>. They were heavy and clunky, and the neoprene material was very stiff and prone to cracking. Ok, they are a few years ago, but they began to breakdown too quickly, and leaked soon after they were put into service.

In fact, being so dissatisfied with having wet feet for way too long thanks to those “ugly Mucklings“, hence we have this post. The “ugly Mucklings” are being replaced with a pair of Le Chameau “Anjou”. The Anjou are certainly lighter in weight and less awkward feeling on the feet. So, that is the first positive thing about them. The second good thing is that the uppers are a vulcanize Natural rubber (not neoprene which is a synthetic rubber) so that makes them more flexible.

Now, I’ll admit that I’m not above wanting to look stylish, even while wading ankle deep in mud. So, can anyone deny that the The Anjou  boot is certainly a more fashionable boot? We think not. The Anjou  features a functional of tin-cloth trim and is a beautiful boot for the gentleman who opts for practical, but doesn’t mind a bit of country-squire flair thrown into the mix. Lastly, Anjou is a variety of pear that has a greenish skin. So, that’s a nicer ebullient name certainly better than Chore, which remains me that I have to do something.

New Green Pears

New Green Pears


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