Garlic and Deer Ticks

For years, we have heard customers and other garlic growers tell us that they eat raw garlic to repel deer ticks, that are a real problem here in Pennsylvania. Up until now, we had only anecdotal evidence to suggest that garlic had any real tick repellent benefit.

Well, we now have learned of a possible reason for this pest control attribute of  garlic. A recent proposed rule change to the National Organic Program would add elemental sulfur to the list of allowable materials for livestock pest control. If added, elemental sulfur would be permitted for use as a topical pesticide treatment in organic livestock production to repel mites, fleas and ticks from livestock and livestock living quarters.

What does this have to do with garlic, you might ask. Well it so happens that garlic’s sulfur content is highest of all vegetables and three times higher than those vegetables known for their sulfur content—onions and broccoli. In fact, it’s well known that sulfur gives garlic it’s bitty spiciness.Garlic Wagan    Vkoos Odena 003

So, one could reasonably conclude that because of the high sulfur content in garlic that it is indeed a natural deer tick repellent when consumed raw. And it just might be true, that a patch of Garlic is a pungent natural remedy to help keep away that increasingly bad mite, flea and tick population  in our backyards.

Because garlic eaten raw is too spicy for many, we are growing a milder tasting hardneck garlic, that can be easier to enjoy raw.

So, Eat More Raw Garlic to help keep those deer ticks away.

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