Dark Of The Moon

Since prehistoric times, farmers have been planting and harvesting crops according to the phases of the moon. It means that various plants do best when planted or harvested at certain phases.  Our current period is the Decreasing Light from the full moon to the new moon, when the moon light is decreasing. It is best for planting biennials (those plants on a two-year cycle), perennials, and root and bulb crops. “Plant potatoes during the dark of the moon” is an old adage.

002Well it turns out this year, our potato tubers will get planted in the phase of Decreasing Light of the moon in the month of June. Mostly, due to our latest of schedule.

Do we believe in planting by the moon? The moon not something that should be ignored.  The moon is earth’s only satellite and with out a doubt has an influence on the biology on our planet.

It is also said, that during the fourth quarter, from half-full to new moon, is the best time to cultivate, pull weeds and destroy pests. Well at least, having those chores to do is probably the only sure thing.

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