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Garlic and Forb

Greetings from the primitive ploughman. Annabelle and Lola checking the garlic in the fields on the Wooleylot Farm. We are fully committed to upholding fine traditional cultural practices to maintain our organic integrity. Dogs on-guard duty for any round-up sprayers with orders … Continue reading

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Potato Eye Beholder

On rare occasion, we are lucky enough to find that “one in a million” type like this unusually shaped King Harry potato.  Do you think that it has grown into an odd shape or does he resemble a valentine heart? It all in the eye of … Continue reading

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Thirteen Inspections Logged

The Fall 2016 issue of The Inspectors’ Report has an article of local interest on page 19.  It tells of the accounts and insights from a real-life USDA organic inspector. With first-hand knowledge of the narrative, the article is reprinted here for our blog … Continue reading

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Organic Inspector Onboard

We are pleased to announce that our organic inspector apprenticeship is now complete. We are experiencing that fine feeling called satisfaction of achievement or maybe as it was once said of having that know-how training “under one’s belt”. Our mentoring inspector reports … Continue reading

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Rainy Day Review

The fall rains are upon us, and what has been the droughty Freeman Run with a barely flowing trickle of water all summer-long is now about to flood its banks; and so a good time to talk some about rubber boots. … Continue reading

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Organic Cast Iron

We call our line Bon Mot. Those are French words; that mean “the good word” or maybe “a clever twist on a word“. We know that you will want one. And, cast iron is certainty sustainable and non-GMO, but is it organic. … Continue reading

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Tickled Spicy Red

We are delighted, as in we are tickled pink (or maybe better yet spicy Red) when we get feedback from our customers. This comment was made about our Ohman’s Red, a local heirloom garlic originally from the Milan, Italy region. We have a … Continue reading

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